Good morning

11:10 AM

11:08 am

Good morning, I woke up around 2 hours ago and all I've done so far is taken a shower. Ahh fresh and clean, feel so nice. 😄

Todays plans are nothing much I believe, mum & me decided to go and shop for some neccessities regarding my room. We need some silicone and paint, then we're gonna check out beds & mirrors. The mirror you see above was glued to my wall so we had to take it off, this time I'm gonna buy a mirror you can hang so it doesn't ruin the wallpaper behind it. So yeah, that's pretty much it.

Regarding my health this past week I've had a terrible infection in my eyes you can say, they're incredibly itchy and it feels like I may pop an eyeball out at anytime (gross I know) but it's so uncomfortable ahhh, I'm going to start taking antibiotics now that it hasn't passed with the help of regular eyedrops... so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully it'll disappear soon enough, my sight is drowsy so I always end up feeling sleepy and lazy.

So I'm sitting in my wet towel, think I'm gonna jump up and put on something comfy until it's time to head out, I'll try to sneak into Ikea and buy myself a soft icecream in a cone. They have such incredible ice cream... it just melts in your mouth ahhhh. Totally food porn, trust me. Anyway I'll be back soon.

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