1:08 PM

Hello lovelies, how are you? 💕

I'm doing ok, I have my worries and anxiety though. I missed a day of school today, due to sleeping. Didn't wake up in time, woke up an hour ago and I feel awful. I feel like a lazy butt who didn't attend school, basically a failure. And it doesn't feel too good, I'll try to be more productive next week.

I'm so happy it's finally friday, I can finally relax and study at my own pace. Thing is I never study in school because I can never focus. People talk, it's too bright, friends are telling me stories. So it's just impossible for me, I always end up bringing things home and working on them in peace. That works much better for me, it's just a much more peaceful enviroment for thinking and studying.

I made some breakfast for myself, spent some time with my cats and I'm gonna sit down and read my book. I haven't had time because of school, so I'm gonna dedicate my holidays to this book and yummy food. 😁 I'm going to update a little bit later when I'm done with everything I need to do, looking forward to any sweet comments because it's you guys that keep me going and make my day. Kisses and hugs to you! 💕

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