So long

6:32 PM

It's been so long since I've actually sitten down and written something but I finally found the motivation after watching a video that strook me. As you know I am a very big fan of Marzia, I don't know if fan is the right word but... it's someone I respect and look up to. She's the girlfriend to the very famous youtuber PewDiePie and I've watched his content for a long time. He's basically the normal, average swedish guy but what's unique about him is that he's genuine. Down to the bottom, he is genuine in everything he does. He recently uploaded an hour long video with raw, unedited footage that I watched. I loved it and it kind of brought back the will to do what I love, to be genuine and to share my writing with you guys.

Even though I may not have a big audience or lots of followers I still appreciate every single pair of eyes scrolling through my texts. It's a wonderful feeling and I honestly love each and everyone of you, I'm sorry I've been away for such a long time but I'm back. I'm finally back with the energy I've been looking for and it feels great.

My day didn't honestly start off the way I wanted it to, I overslept school and ended up missing a whole day, that is terrible considering my inattendance. I got 39% absence from school, my grades are doing okay but that attendance is still crushing my every last inch of motivation. But I'm gonna fix it, I have plans with my friend on Wednesday. It's sunny so I feel like going out, but it isn't warm enough to swim in the lake yet.
So we're gonna go to a pool, swimming is one of the most amazing things you can do. It's so relaxing and it feels like actual freedom. While you're swimming there are no worries, your muscles are working, your breath is steady, you're only focusing on moving towards... real heaven would be swimming with earphones. But that doesn't work as we all know. 😂

I'm thinking of starting making videos... purely for fun. I'm always so awkward but I get so inspired by many different youtubers, I wanna put myself out there for people. I want to find people who'll like my content, I want to be original and I want my audience to connect me. Hopefully I'll make that dream come true, I'll fight for it.

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