Skin routine

4:01 PM

As I promised for you guys, here are my skin products!!

These two are basically cleaning products, you can use them to remove makeup but I usually use this because it just cleanses my skin. If it's oily or something I'll just use the mousse first, then the toner. It feels so dry and refreshing. 97% of the ingredients in this bottle are natural.

The black one is a peel off mask, I use it when I feel like my skin is being mean to me. And as this is about products the blue bottle to the right is a serum for my hair. It smells really good, leaves your hair looking silky smooth and natural. I loveeeee it!
These two, I love them... with my whole heart. It's my go-to-duo. It's a derma roller and a serum for my skin, it's absolutely breathtaking. Basically it's a roller with really small needles on it, now dont worry they dont pierce your skin and make you bleed. I ordered the smallest size, what it does is-- it pierces your old skin and damages it so new healthy skin can grow. When it pierces through your skin it's the ideal time to apply some serum because it penetrates your skin and reaches your pores, get it? It's really gods gift to this earth. 😂

 Some creams, usually use them at winter to moisturize my face it it's feeling dry.
Call me old fashioned but... how can you not include vaseline into your routine? It's cheap, avaible everywhere, known worldwide yet it's so under-appreciated. I love this thing, I always have a small amount in my pocket in case my lips go dry. This can moisturize basically everything, put it on your face, lips, hands, feet etc. It does wonders. So basically this is everything I use from start to finish. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you're interested in the products; just google the name on the internet and you'll find it! Kisses and hugs lovelies. 💕

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  1. thanks for sharing your routine! i'm currently trying to work on mine.
    i want to have a better skin. :)

    xoxo, rae

    1. Thank you lovely, we all want to have better skin. I hope you liked any of these products. Wish you a great day! <3


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