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This is just a big ramble, not much about my day at all since it's been pretty boring. 
This quote, yes. I want to talk about this topic.
So often have I sitten and admired other people, even myself in the mirror. Wow, she has those Gucci shoes for $1400 she must be happy. Wow, I bought this jacket for an immense amount of money yesterday and I just have to show it off.

I've been there, I've seen it happen to me and other people. How we can get so caught up with items? People often tell me that they do not buy expensive clothing for the sake of showing off but use it more of a ''fashion statement'' .
I've honestly never understood it, I have had plenty of friends who've talked to me about their new purchases and how happy they are. How happy they are that they bought an item and how euphoric it makes them feel. But after a couple of weeks or months the item no longer satisfies them and they go for a new one, and the circle begins. It's like an evil circle we get caught up in, precisely like addictions. Why are there shopaholics? Because they're addicted, they like the feeling of the euphoria when they get their hands on an item that has an immense amount of worth to it. That's a thing. 

But what about when all we start caring about is materialistic things? When we get so caught up in it, that happiness gets swapped with materia? I absolutely DESPISE people who can only talk about stuff they bought. I've never been a person with a lot of money, neither has my family been. I get through the month with a jacket I've been wearing for over a year, shoes that are warm and keep me away from getting sick. I like how they look, I don't want anything more. I'd rather buy a new pan for my mum so she can keep on cooking what she loves. So I could never relate to a person who would burn $?????? on material things that they would throw away later on, I honestly don't know where I'm going with this topic but I need a place I can ramble about stuff and just let some steam out. I cant stand listening to people who talk about material things all the time. ''I'm gonna get this for $10000, I'm gonna get that for $10000'' but in the end I know they are never happy. How people use their money is ofcourse NONE of my business, you earned it, you do whatever you want with it. But is life really that simple? 

I was jealous of a friend and her family for a long time, they got money, she got the things she wanted, whatever it was she wanted; she got it. She was raised that way, but as I looked closer. The relationship between her mother and herself was purely materialistic. She wouldn't cook breakfast for her before school, she would leave some money on the counter. Buying her daughter stuff would equal happiness, so she would buy her that jacket or shoes that she wanted. But could she buy the emotional comfort that her daughter needed so much? Never. 

Another thing is how we judge people by the materia they own, a lady sitting in heels and brand clothing with trimmed, smooth silky hair would not get the same treatment as a lady in some cheap jeans and a tshirt from some dollar store. If we strip those people naked; they are the same aren't they? Just think about it, every person you've encountered has had clothing on them to leave an impression on you. Maybe not clothing, maybe jewelry even. But without that jewelry or clothing, who are they exactly? If all they have ever known is: materia equals happiness what does it say about the person him/herself? Isn't it basically an identity crisis? This topic is very wide and large, there are so many factors to this that I can't fit in one post. Surely you can understand that, but what is life actually about? Is it about working, earning the money you need for that jacket you want? Or is it about making connections with people, building up an identity for yourself? What do you value, what are your priorities? What is it that you're stiriving for? Is it worth it? Ask yourself these questions.

Are you a materialistic person...? or not? How do you feel about the topic materialism? 

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  1. I agree with you, because I can relate to this and I just want to say also that your posts are really good and interesting. You have made me want to read more of your blog which I usually do not read blogs!

    1. You cant even imagine how happy this comment made me! It basically made my day!! I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love recieving your comments! <3 have a great day lovely.


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