Real to the roots

1:43 AM

I absolutely love real people. What do I mean by real? Well... it's different for everyone I believe.
But for me... it's an idescribable thing. People who are real and make you feel something are rare, they're like unicorns believe it or not. Or maybe I just haven't had the luck to meet many at all. 

People that can make you feel in somewhat specific way, sad, emphatious, happy, joyful and so on. People that you can speak to about anything, literally outside the box. Aliens? Decisions? Murders? Everything. People that you feel like you can connect to.

It can be anyone, at random. It can be a person you've just met on the street, someone you talked to while waiting on the bus, a family member, an old lady that fed the ducks by the lake, a bestfriend... you must have had atleast 1 person that you've made a connection with. I'm not talking about the ''we've been through the same thing, we think the same thing, this person understands me because they're just like me'' fact is; we'll never meet a person who is exactly the same way as we are. Not a single person on this earth has been born in the same circumstances you have, not a single person cried into their teddy bear, in your bed at the same time you have. But... there are people who are very different from you, yet you can connect with them.

I love breathtaking people, I love people that can speak their emotions. Emotions is what makes a human being real in my book. There are people that are not as easy to connect to, because they're too alike us or too different from us. I don't know what it is, but sometimes the connection between two people doesn't exist.

Kind human beings are usually the kindest and the most abused ones, kindness has it's up's and down's just like everything else in this world. People get taken advantage of because of their kindness, learning that it's something bad and choose to ''throw'' it away in a sense. Therefore becoming hard as steel people, throwing away valuable connections they could've made with other people that could've embraced them and showered them with kindness. 

I've had this pictured in my head for a long time; I don't know if you'll understand me but imagine two people. Both of them have taken a can of paint and poured it over themselves. One with black and the other one with white paint. If the person with the white paint on them touched the person or got touched by the black painted person. No matter how much they would've wanted, the blackness would never disappear. They could smudge and brush but it would never be as white as it was again. Just like a stain, and this white painted person would meet many more people with black paint poured over them, resulting in them going black as well in the end. This is how I imagine people, it's weird; I know.

But white represents kindness and black represents hatred or agony of some sort, people affect you and people change you. You will stumble on people that are painted with black but that doesn't mean you should let them touch you. You need to surround yourself with the same kind of people... or this is what I think atleast. But do me a favor if you've read this far; please be real. Be real to your family, friends and strangers waiting for the bus. Be kind to yourself, be kind to people. Be real, the person you want to be. Thank you. Val is signing off to sleep, goodnight. ➡

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  1. Så fint inlägg! Och tack för din fina kommentar på min blogg, blev alldeles rörd. Kram!

    1. Kram å puss på dig! Önskar dig det bästa (:


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