Real as fuck

11:35 AM

I woke up today morning feeling positive as fuck about my body and looks. It's probably the sun, when there's sun out I feel like a completely different human being. Took the opportunity to take some silly photos in my XXXL shirt that I use for my pyjamas. Nope, I don't sleep in anything luxury like langerie or silky smooth cashmere pyjamas. Sorry to disappoint 😊

Remember to love yourself a little bit more each day 💕

Ahh, I'm so excited for today!!! We're gonna go and buy some new wallpapers for my room, I don't like my current ones and they're completely worn out. 💢 Also I'm thinking... if I do get my summer job that I applied for, I'll spend my earnings on a new bunkbed and a madrass. I want to sleep like a lil' baby in slumber, you feel me?

After we buy the paint for the kitchen and the wallpapers to my room I think we'll head to the ''technical museum'' it's really fancy and there's lots of cool stuff. I love museums since they're such beautiful places, and most of all I love their architectures. I'll grab my camera and take loooots of photos, I'll try to. I don't really like standing and taking photos looking like an airhead but if I'm gonna be blogging I'm gonna have to get used to that. 

I'm gonna get to cooking lunch and watching some show on Netflix and read my book. OH, the book! (Huckleberry Finn) I'm 60 pages in and I'm loving it, it has a really nice... ''flow'' I guess? I just like it, it's not too childish but not too grown up for my taste. I have no idea if you know what I mean, but if you do. A big thumbs up to you 😳

Anyway, I'll see you later darlings. I hope you have a nice day! xoxo 💕

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