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Ahhh I've been thinking about prom lately, we finally got to know when it's gonna be! In around 2 months, I don't want to attend simply because I think it's fun, I just wanna experience a prom for once. Dress all fancy, just feel like a goddess. That's my excuse, problem is. The only things I want for prom, I can't afford them and it makes me incredibly sad. 😢

I've been looking for a job all over, but I can't find a decent one. I got one offer, but it was really not worth it... slaving and working for 4 hours straight in the cold for pennies. NOT worth it, and no. I'm not lazy, I'm just stating facts. The job had terrible requirements and a bad pay, so that got removed from my list.

I wanted to show you guys what I picked out, I think the blue dress and heels are absolutely stunning.

 Everything I pick out is as always from... 💙
I honestly think this would be the perfect outfit for me ughhh, I want to order it right now. Mum told me that it's just for one night and not worth it 😂 
I also found that this pink dress is absolutely stunning as well, it's so cutesy-like and I love the arms. 

Which one do you think is the prettiest? Should I order them? 😅

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