Museum photos!

5:09 PM

And here they are, as I promised. They are raw and unedited, I kind of found the natural lightning pretty. 😁
So we basically started by looking around and looking at stuff.

 That's my lil bro

 I honestly found this thing soooo mesmerizing, I would use this as a decoration in my room if I could.
 A detective camera! Used by spies, spooookieh.
 Love the design of this typing machine, honestly wonderful.
A cool room 💁
 We entered the spooky cave 😝

 Mommy and my brother 💕
 They showed how people used to work in mines 

 This lady honestly scared the hell out of me when I walked in, I thought it was a living person. Keep in mind it was pretty dark. 😂
Some information about the though work 

Honestly I really wanted to take more pictures, but I spent most of the time walking around with my family and talking so I totally forgot after a while. I'm sorry, but I showed you what I could. If you reside in Sweden and want to visit the museum... here's the link! > TM <
Very interesting place, come visit us here in Sweden if you'd like! I'm off for today, I'll update a little bit later, see you lovelies! 💕

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