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Can we just take a moment for men with man buns? I-I just absolutely love them, it's one of the best features out there. Be it woman or man, buns look good on almost everyone. And this is one of my biggest weaknesses. Just look at this, how can you resist playing with that hair, braiding it and putting flowers in it? I dont understand 😂

Just look at them 😌
Also, who said I'm procrastinating? I'm totalllllllllllly not doing that right now. I'm just chilling you know? 😂 Uhhh, alright. So I'm going to draw for a little, I promise... just for a little. Then I'm gonna do my homework, I have just a little bit left. Now much at all, kind of. Just... 5 assignments? 

Ahhh, I know I should just get up and do it but I always ruin it for myself. I just can't bring myself to do chores unless it's a life-or-death situation. Is anyone out there precisely like me? I always finish my homework 2 minutes after the deadline, I always push myself to my limits when I'm forced to. Otherwise I just can't do it for some reason. Only if mum is behind my back with a machete to my throat 😵 I'll update soon enough after I've gotten my stuff done and taken some pictures for you. I feel like my blog is a little bit lifeless without pictures so that's why I have them in every post. Hmm. 

Thinking of buying a camera, I have a nikon but it's really big and heavy to go around with. I've asked around a few bloggers about what cameras they use, and many of them use compact cameras that are small, reliable and also have good quality to them. So I'm gonna check that out and save some money for a camera! Anyway guys, I'll see you later! <3

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