International women's day

5:05 PM

Ah, I didn't update yesterday at all due to being too tired from school. I apologise if I have kept you waiting. As many of you know it's women's day today! 8th March. A small history lection!

  • International Women's Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women's Day, ... March 8 was declared a national holiday in the Soviet Russia in 1917.

So basically I'm russian, and this has always been a big holiday for me. 😉

I woke up to this beautiful view, I honestly didn't expect much for presents or so. I don't really like them, well I do but I just don't expect them so this was a big surprise to me. Just look at it!!!

Honestly I just fell inlove 💕

I quickly got up and congratulated my mother thanking her for the flowers, but apparently it was my dad that bought them for me! Mom recieved tulpans (she prefers them over roses) and I got this beauty. As you probably know, I'm a big fan of plants even though I don't own many. So this is just the beginning of my collection. As my first flower is called Sydney I think I'm going to call this one Mary. I love it lots, thank you dad! 💓

Ahhh, I attended school this morning and treated myself to some chocolate on the way back home. I had a great time, congratulated all of my friends and gave them a big hug. I just feel very close-to-earth today hihi. I haven't done much basically, just living my regular life. 

And oh, maybe you've noticed...? I'm using my nikon camera for photos, finally. I brought out my old laptop and found the cable after a little bit of searching. I think they look much better than my iPhone quality so I'll stick with it! How have you been lovelies? Have you been doing ok? Are you celebrating today? 😍

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