Ice cold school & biology

2:38 PM

I think I'm currently dying

It's 14:32 as I'm writing this, I'm so tired. I fell asleep around 3am yesterday and woke up at 9. I'm completely exhausted and all I've been thinking about today is my bed. I haven't missed school one bit to be honest, I've missed the feeling of being in crowds and talking to people but the boredom and just waiting for school to be over is painful.

I ate falafel with some garlic sauce and pita bread, was delicious but the taste of garlic is still stuck in my mouth. Not nice at all. Biology is boring as heck, I know all of this stuff therefore I don't find it interesting. Been trying to focus on the board and teacher all day but my focus just slips away in the end, don't know what to do... I feel miserable right now. So as soon as I get home I'm going to take a small break, calm down, read my book; and then get to finishing my extremly important assignments. If I don't hand these in by the deadline I'm screwed. And I have a math test coming up tomorrow... but it should be fairly easy. It's not one of my problem subjects 😁

I'll update a little bit later, I'm just counting the minutes down 'til the time this class is over. 15 more minutes!! hold out Val, and then you can finally hug your teddy in your soft, warm.. bed. Speaking of warmth, you're not wondering why I'm wearing shoes and a jacket indoors? It's fricking cold, the floor is probably colder than ice. It's just really cold in general today so I had to sit in my jacket to warm up a bit. 😡

Ahhhh. Anyway lovelies! I love you, have a good time until the next time I update. 💕

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