Exhausted to the maximum

10:04 PM

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Babies I am sooooo tired. Not in a bad way or anything like that, I'm tired from walking, seeing stuff, reading stuff and photographing stuff. I honestly found my experience at the museum very satisfying and fullfilling. I took photos I could, most of the things were in glass cabinets though. So my camera didn't really want to turn of it's flash, there's kind of a reflection in the glass. The lightning and everything was soooo cool, they had a lot of technological stuff. For example, you could draw with your eyes. There was this kind of sensor that registered your eyes movements and you could draw by looking on the screen.  Super duper cool and super super satisfying. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow, I'm way too tired to write a wall of text. And a photo says more than a thousands of words. Right? 😅

Also I sat down and read through some of the blogs I follow, and one of these girls decided to post something very personal. I love bloggers who genuinely blog and write about their feelings and experiences. She's a Swedish blogger, so feel free to check her out over >here<

I'm off to sleep, baybay. 😪

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