Ended up doing it anyway

9:41 PM

Ahhh, I ended up taking that nap anyway. 😒
I feel so annoyed at myself, I always end up sleeping someway. I really tried to keep myself awake, I sat and watched my favorite streamer and I basically closed my eyes for 2 seconds because there was an ad and my eyes felt like they were burning. Next thing I know my brother is poking me with his feet telling me to wake up. I woke up at 7PM.

Ughhhh, I have such a hard time dealing with my routine. And national tests are coming up, I wont be able to function if I keep going like this. I'm gonna fix a little blog-related things, I find blogging fun so I'm gonna check out the benefits of having your own domain and stuff. It sounds so professional, I may wait until I have more readers though. I get so excited when I check my statistics and see people checking out my stuff, it really warms my heart knowing that some of you out there actually read through my stuff... or not. 😂 after that I'm gonna sit down and study some math, basically we have two parts when it comes to math test; the first part is with basic stuff and knowledge and the other part is harder, more complex questions etc. I did the second part but not the first one because I was down with a horrible cold.

Thing is I'm gonna have to wake up 2 hours earlier to join a special class and do this test, whyyyy. I value sleep and it hurts me so much that I can't have a normal routine like most people do. Sleeping soundly and feeling like a human being in the morning. It's the exact opposite for me, I can't sleep and I walk around like a zombie during the day. Obviously not your fashionista blogger waking up at 6 am starting the day off with a workout. Too bad, oh well.

I'll see you after I've studied some math, see you lovelies. 💟

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