3:27 PM

So yesterday I finally sat down and watched some of Marzia's videos, and she's always so creative. I was bored to death as well so I decided to do something creative as well. I decided to embroid a black shirt of mine. I found it looking so dull so I wanted to do something fun.

Unfortunately I didn't have the specific materials, so I just worked with a needle and some threads. I actually went for a heart at first but it turned out to be some creature, keep in mind this is my first time doing something like this. 😂

You can click HERE for a video on embroidery, oops. It's not mine though!
I found the experience actually to be quite fun, and I've always had an eye for hand crafted things. You know tumblr clothes, aesthetic stuff? They usually have pretty cool embroidery on them, so after this I decided to buy some materials. Who knows, maybe this will be my new hobby? 😀 Here are the stuff I ordered:

Needles, a frame and some threads!
I'm looking forward to it, if I do embroid something pretty onto my t-shirts I'll make sure to show you guys! Now... I wish a good morning, day and evening to all of you. I'll see you soon! 💕

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