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Had english class, as I had nothing to do I decided to sit down and write something. Afterall it's one of my favorite things to do. You're free to leave a comment if you'd like. 😄 it's pretty sad so don't expect something joyful, also if you like them; I can post something like this from time to time. It's something I do alone, but afterall this is my blog and I can publish whatever I like. Here you go.

She looked upon the sky as the balloons faded away in the sun feeling how all of her hope faded away with them.

Everything was fuzzy, her vision was blurry because of the burning tears building up in her eyes. She tried to hold it in, fighting it, denying what had just happened. It couldn’t be true, but the tears proved their point. They kept streaming down her cheeks like a waterfall, down her beautiful rosy cheeks and lips down her long pale neck. Her tears tasted like the salty ocean she visited last year with her. When everything was bright and the sun was shining, when her brown hair still glistened in the sun and her brown eyes were smiling joyfully at her.

She looked down on the pool of liquid she was sitting in, her mind just couldn’t process what just happened. She looked like a puppet who got all of her strings cut off. She didn’t feel the glass cutting into her hands, she couldn’t feel anything in that moment. The glass was crushed into small pieces, the eyeglasses were no longer intact. Just glass and plastic lying on the street splashed with blood. Yes.. the blood was red and fresh, the smell was so strong it burned into her sense forever. She heard people screaming and talking to her, touching her shoulder as if asking she was okay.

There was no way in hell she was okay with what just happened, she could never bring herself to accept it. She looked at her lover laying on the ground, she looked like she was just taking a nap. She brought her hands to her cheeks sobbing uncontrollably and just stroking her gently.

‘’Hey…’’ she said with a voice filled with despair. ‘’Hey… you’re just taking a nap aren’t you darling? You look so beautiful…’’ she kept repeating herself over and over again, stroking her cheeks that were smeared with blood. 

Someone approached her from behind pulling her up from the ground, the person grabbing her wore a police uniform for. The officer was firm and strong, she had no problem pulling her up from the pool of blood. She didn’t pay attention to the officer and kept reaching out for her sleeping beauty.
‘’Ms, we have to take care of this.’’ said the officer calmly and looked at her. She didn’t pay attention and didn’t move at all. ‘’Miss, if you don’t move from the scene I’ll have to take you away forcefully, I’m sorry for your loss.’’ she said and firmed her grip around her arms. She didn’t say a word, just mumbling something.

The officer took a deep sigh and started to apply more force to move her away from the scene when she let out a huge scream, it was filled with despair, agony and sadness. It was a shriek that everyone in the area heard, it was like a wolf howling when a comrade passed away. It was both terrifying and sad at the same time.

Did you like it? Let me know. 💕

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