Black face

5:35 PM

Ahh, here I am. Sitting with a black face feeling all gorgerous 😍 this thing does wonders to my skin. And surprisingly it isn't expensive at all, you see all of these bloggers buying bottles with 5ml worth of spray for $5000 and I'm here sitting with nothing but pennies in my wallet.

I'm gonna be sure to make a skincare routine for you tomorrow morning. I'll do a night routine as well as a morning one, so look forward to that. I'll list all of the products I use, and they're all very cheap, basically drugstore products. I recently stopped using makeup, the only thing I rarely do is use some mascara and fill in my brows, I'm afraid of touching my skin at all. I used to cake my face all the time because of my outbreaks and it just never let my skin breathe, today; I take care of it like my life depends on it. Here are some photo's that maybe you'd like. 😁

See you soon lovelies 💟

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  1. Haha alltså jag testade den där masken en gång och jag trodde att jag skulle dö, smärtan! Den måste ha hatat min hud för min kompis som satt bredvid hade inte alls samma problem.

    1. Nyoo, jag förstår. Men det är för det är typ som en vaxning också, drar bort alla hår å så x) gör ont för mig också men beauty is pain, right?


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