Am I pretty?

11:12 PM

How many times have I stopped to look into the mirror and asked myself the same question?
''Am I pretty?''

I doubt I'm the only one who finds herself pre-occupied by thoughts that are irrelevant, looks and our presentations of ourselves are very important. People wake up daily spending time on their appearance. I'm not saying it's bad, if you love putting on makeup and fixing your hair I'm really happy for you, I genuienly am.

But what does our appearance say about us? People are quick to judge, all of us are; appearance holds such a great importance in this world and time. From what you wear on your feet to how well groomed your nails are, they all leave impressions on people. But does it say anything about ourselves?

I've stood by my mirror every morning looking for flaws, something to have on my mind all day and feel bad about it. I don't like how my teeth are not flawlessly white, I don't like how my nose is very strong and not barbie like. I don't like how my body is proportioned, I don't like much about myself. I think everyone has thoughts like these, but in the end I just pull myself up from that deep shallow hole. It's a dangerous place in our thoughts that can impact us deeply, intense self hatred and criticsism... no one cares as much as you do. So what if you have a lazy eye? Every person who walks beside you doesn't care about it, they'll notice instead how beautiful your eyes are while they're glistening. Or how your hair falls down on your shoulders when you walk steadily, after all; the only times you see yourself are on photos and mirrors.

You don't see yourself when you've just heard a good joke and smile, you haven't seen yourself while you've studied intensly or listened to a really good tune. We will never look the same, people look different based on facial expressions, emotions... lightning. You'll never see yourself through someone elses eyes which is both sad and alluring.

To answer my own question; I don't care. I don't care if I'm pretty or not, what matters to me is how I percieve myself. When I've learned how to percieve my own looks only then will I worry about how other people see me, even then I may not care. What is truly important to me is my well being and soul... not the face I was born with. Thank you. 💕

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