Thursday 9th FEB 2017

2:30 AM

Current state: sick and laying in bed.

Todays song! - Rude - Eternal Youth

So today was an ok day, I've been extremly busy (not really) and haven't written anything on here for quite some time and that kind of makes me sad. A lot has been on my thought, and whenever I start writing everything just blanks out and I feel at ease.

So yeah, uhh... I got sick during the weekend. Went out in a jacket and a tshirt, which was pretty dumb of me but I enjoyed some great pizza with my friend of mine so it was totally worth it. On monday I woke up with a sore throat, didn't think much of it but the next day I woke up with a fever and stayed at home. Forced myself to school today, sick, so that's good. But we're going on an important trip with school tomorrow. I really dont want to miss it since it's gonna be an essential part for my biology assignment. But I'm afraid I wont be able to go tomorrow with the runny nose, cough and sore throat...
We'll see.

I may or may not have a small, itty bitty crush on someone, kind of. And I really want to meet up with this person on the weekend. God knows if that will work out.

Also I keep writing about things I'm feeling and thinking, rather than actually write down what I've done during the day. That kind of feels like a chore to me, and my days aren't especially interesting from my point of view. Wake up, school, eat and sleep. So on. I want to take some really pretty pictures though, that's why I'm using internet-photos lately. They just kind of fit the mood better. ⏮
I'm very excited about my friends blog, it wont probably be that personal but I'm excited to see what she has to write about. 💭

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