Wednesday 1st FEB 2017

9:04 PM

Today was kind of a productive day 50/50 you could say. Once again, I woke up late and skipped out on school. I figured it wouldn't be a big deal since it wasn't much of a long day today. Ate some quark with salty peanuts for breakfast and it was super yummy!

That's my plant, I named her Sidney. Don't know why but I wanted to start off 2017 with a fresh feeling. And she's definitely doing that! (I have to water her once a week, so that's pretty neat.)
Today's song!

There's an upcoming math test this week on friday and I'm stressed out. I don't do particularly well on tests because I get this immense pressure that I have to get every single question right, and I can't double check if the answer is right.  So I tend to skip out on those, but I've decided to do it.

I've decided to keep a positive outlook on life as well as my grades. 2016 was a bad year for many of us I'm not letting 2017 be one of those as well. Something I've noticed is that I'm sticking to my new years resolutions.
Many people tend to drop their resolutions by the end of january, but today is february 1st and I'm still doing my thing. I wanted to do a really hard workout, but I couldn't since I pulled a muscle in my leg. But I didn't use that as an excuse, I got up and did some other powerful workouts that left me sweaty. So overall, I kind of regret that I did not attend school today but I did everything that I wanted to get done.

  • Positive vibes.  ✓
  • Study math.  ✓
  • Work out.  ✓
  • Eat healthy.  ✓
So I'm very happy! I'm also planning taking more photos for my blog, the picture above was taken with my iPhone, so it's not very good quality. I'll try to get over the fear of taking photos in public.

It's currently 9PM as I'm writing this, I'm glad to say I'm gonna sign off and brush my teeth. Gotta keep those teeth as white as pearls. 👄

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