Wednesday 15th FEB 2017

5:11 PM

I haven't written for a while... But I have some nice photos I want to share on here. 
I took a very nice photo of my kitty yesterday and lemme tell ya, I love her to bits.

Today's livestream! - Chillhop Café
(One of my favorite things to listen to, the beats just make me feel at peace)

Me in my bathrobe.

Anyway! I have been kind of productive this week. I finally did what I needed to and it feels great, even though I stressed so much about the math test, it went pretty good in the end. I think so atleast... I got to fix my ID card that I've been needing for a long time, I need to register a bank account so I can finally pay for my own stuff. But there was some kind of a problem, so they are going to review my documents first which is going to take some time.

I've kind of been eating healthy haha, not very... a bit of candy and chocolate once a day but not a huge amount! But I've promised myself I'm gonna start looking after what I put into my body, it's just been extra hard this week since as I said... I got a package worth 2.8kg of candy so yeah. I gotta finish that first. Overall I started up a new tumblr as well, I find that looking at the pictures on my feed just makes me feel relaxed and soothed. I'm not too crazy about the follower count but you're free to follow me if you'd like! 
I've also been poundering a lot about my future, especially the home I'm gonna be living in. Ofcourse I'll start out with what I can afford, a small apartment but I'd like it to be cozy. I'm a person who loves the sun, I love plants and I feel connected with nature. So an apartment with really big glass windows would be a dream. 

(My personal dream house)

Also I would love to introduce you to a blogger/youtuber that I absolutely love. She is a very cute and an amazing creative person. You may know of her, maybe not. But her name is Marzia. She is a person who spreads positivity and love and I love her style, looks, likings, outfits... basically everything. So make sure to check her out and see if you like her as well! Here's her blog and YT.

I'm signing off, this is all I had for today. I'm probably going to take a nap (secret info: I absolutely love sleeping more than anything) and study a little bit later. Thank you for reading once again, much love to you. Xoxo. ♡

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