Thursday 16th FEB 2017

10:10 PM

Hello sunshines! I've been noticing that I've been getting a lot of pageviews from different countries! Japan, France, UK... that sounds very exciting. 

(Me running late to school, but I always have to take a selfie if the lightning is perfect!)
Today's song! - slr - Graphite

Today went really well! I got around to finally finishing my biology assignments that should've been done last week, oooops. But now that burden is off my shoulder... I still have to finish many more but hopefully I'll finish 'em during the holidays so I can finally meet up with a qt! I'm really looking forward to it.

I tried out a new hairstyle today, for a person that barely touches her hair or tries to do anything fancy with it I found that this look looked pretty on me. I even got a compliment on it today so I'm happy! I'm gonna try to figure out what I actually want to do with my hair, cut it, dye it, style it, god knows what I'll do with it but I hope it turns out nice. I've also been noticing that I've been putting on less and less makeup, I used to cake my face with all of that fancy stuff (foundation, powder, concealer, rouge, bronzer, countoruing, blush, eyebrows, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow) ya know... lot's of that stuff. But recently I've been doing fine with just some concealer under my eyes and a little bit of mascara. And ofcourse, filling my eyebrows in with my favorite product. It's so creamy and nice and a lot cheaper than the Anastasia Dip Promade! 
I love this brand since it's cruelty free and very cheap! (also this isn't sponsored, I just really think it's a great daily product if you're an eyebrow maniac like me)

Anyway, on to my day... I'm just overall happy with how everything went today. There we're no complications and everything in overall is settled for now! I hope you're doing great as well sunshines, feel free to leave a comment down below and tell me about how your day went!
Xoxo ♡

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