This backpack is everything...

9:02 PM

I think I've been eyeing this beauty for a long time, I'm completely inlove with it.
I never bought it, due to being too expensive for my taste. I'm very picky with the stuff I buy alright 😂

You can find it >HERE< (not sponsored, I genuinly like this bag, for real)

I love River Island's brand, tell me I'm not the only one. Their stuff is of really good quality and all of it fits my taste in regard of clothing style. They're avaible on asos, I've bought a pair of shoes from them and that's probably it, but I want to buy alllllll of their stuff. 

It's just so pretty and honestly the ONLY brand I go crazy over. I'd pick River Island clothing over Gucci anyday. Also if you're looking for a cheap website to buy clothes on; is your way to go. I'm inlove with this website, I'm on there checking their sales almost everyday 😗

Also, it's 21:00 and pretty late so I'm gonna head to bed. Watch my favorite streamer and wake up early tomorrow, my tummy is full and I'm happy. A friend came over with pizza earlier, and my adorable brother made some chocolate pudding so I am stuffed! Tomorrow I'm going to the museum with my family, I'm gonna grab my camera and take lots of pictures so I can share it with you tomorrow. I wish all of you a good day, morning or night. Love you! 😊💕

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    1. Visst? asgrymm, vi har typ samma stil du å jag. Du rockar allting du klär dig i, pusspuss. <3


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