Netflix & chill

9:19 PM

Wooh, today has been a day full of chores and netflix. 

(Designated Survivor from Netflix)

So today I kind of woke up later than expected, around 5PM. Which wasn't my plan originally, I wanted to wake up early and get my chores done. But oh well, I woke up and got to washing dishes. My older brother helped me out with a lot of it, so the credit goes to him. Fed the cats and cleaned their toilets, it doesn't sound that fancy but it was a lot of work. Later on I'm planning to finish my assignments and wash my clothes (which I've been planning to do for a long time, but never actually got around doing it).

I wanted to talk about Designated Survivor from Netflix, it's a Netflix Original and I actually loved it. I'm not a person who is interested in politics, I keep that topic as far away from me as possible because I just dont want to meddle with it. Considering all that I found that this series was actually good, it had a good plot and very nice actors. I fell inlove with the character above whose name is Kirkman. He's so good at what he does and every character in this series is developed throughout the serial. There is alot of suspense and the first season ends with a huge cliffhanger. Which every single one of us hates but it keeps the suspense and wonders alive.

Another serial that I wanted to recommend to you guys is called ''Black Mirror'' it's a very unique serial that is probably my nr 1 on my top list. It's a serial that focuses a lot on psychology, personally I found it very twisted. It never ends the way you suspect it to, and trust me when I say this; you must absolutely watch it. The script writer and the director did an amazing job with these series and I thank them for that. Basically it's very different episodes that have their own stories and all of them have leave a strong impression on you at the end. Usually in the form of a life message or changes your perspective of view on different things. Decision makings and to life or death situations, it practically has everything in between. 
The show leaves you feeling miserable in some way, it did that for me. So if you're interested in watching something very interesting, sort-of dark things and most of all psychological things this is the show for you. So go ahead and watch it. 

I wish all of you a wonderful Saturday! 
Xoxo ♡

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