Morning and looking for jobs?

9:47 AM

Hello cuties! Yesterday I went out for a job fair with my friends, during the summer break I really want to find a job so I can earn something into my own pocket. My morning started of simple.
>Today's song - Lover I Don't Have to Love<
 I love this bathrobe, especially the ears on top of it. It adds so much cuteness to it!
My kitty slept under covers for the first time in forever, she looked so adorable!
Some black jeans and a shirt to look appropriate for the job fair. 

So we basically printed out our CV's that we had prepared to give out for these jobs and got on the bus. When we arrived we expected there to be more people, there were some stands and it wasn't that fancy at all. I had expected a lot more offers and stuff but as it turns out... nope. Applied for a babysitting job and a ''hand out fliers'' job for greenpeace. The people on the greenpeace stand were very appealing and nice to talk to, and personally I love the whole ''keep our planet and all life healthy'' thing. So I applied for that, the other jobs required driving licenses which I don't have, so couldn't apply for that either. 

We left the fair very early, spent around 20 minutes there and were very disappointed. But we went to mcdonalds and endulged in some very yummy stuff! So that kept me very happy. (:

Oh, also. Today morning I woke up to my favorite artist uploading a new song. I love her lots, she has been in my heart for a long time. I've listened to her while riding on the bus back home, listened to her in sad times and everything above. She made me the person I am today, she has always been my little secret and I've never shared her with anyone. But I want her to get somewhere, she is incredibly talented and her content is amazing. It will strike you right in the heart. Her name is Charlotte Eriksson. She has her own website with all of her social media. Just take your time, she maybe wont fit your tastes in music but she is an outstanding person and I wish some of you could just check her out.

I'm thanking you from my bottom of my heart if you do check her out, I will be forever grateful! ♡

I don't have much to tell you about today, but I will keep on updating my blog with whatever I have on my mind. Thank you for reading me, thank you for clicking on my blog. That makes me incredibly happy, and I love every single one of you.

Have a good morning, day or night. You're welcome back.
Xoxo ♡

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