Long trip →

11:41 AM

→Boys and girls, lemme tell ya; today is going to be a long trip.←
Remember I wrote about that person I want to meet? Well today is that day. (:

 (Jewelry from my grandmother)

 Some good selfies I managed to shoot, and I really liked how they turn out. 
Final transformation ⤣
And my chosen outfit for the day, I'll grab a sweater for when I'm gonna go out. It's cold, I don't want to get sick again. 

This is all for my morning post, I'm gonna hop on the train in an hour or so... I'll update after the meeting or while I'm on the train snacking on yummies and watching netflix. (Basically carrying on my daily routine on the train.) Hope you have a wonderful morning or afternoon, or wherever in the world you are.
Xoxo ♡

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