I want those!

6:04 PM

I've been looking at tattoos lately and I think I fell inlove with an artist. I love his simple designs, I don't want tattoos that are just ''boom'' ya know. I want something simple. I chose some photos from the artist, here's his instagram page and ALL of the credit goes to him. > here <

 Basically says ''wish'' or ''dream'' in russian

Here's one more artist that I liked, or two different ones. I'm not sure, I found these on tumblr and I like them as well!
 These have a little bit more detail to them, but I like them just as much

I really want to get tattoos sometime soon, I just don't want to do anything too impulsively and regret it later on in life. It's a want, but this will stay on my body for a long time. So I'd rather think about it and decide, rather than just do it. What about you? Do you have ink on your body or not? (: 

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  1. Så snygga tatueringar! Jag själv har ingen tatuering men tycker att mindre tatueringar är otroligt snyggt, typ ett kort citat på underarmen så som Kenza har.

    1. Ja! Dom är så attraktiva tycker jag! Är inget större fan av stora drak-tatueringar på ryggen eller så. Något minimalistiskt å simpelt faller i min smak (:
      Hoppas du har en trevlig lördag!


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