Huckleberry Finn and studying!

10:29 AM

Hello sunshines, I woke up a few hours ago and my thighs are sooo sore from yesterdays workout. I can barely walk or do anything, that's what I call a good workout. 😁

So I finally got to doing the dirty parts of chores, I sorted all of my dirty clothes to blacks and whites and got around to doing them, gonna have to take them out in 1,4h. Hope I don't forget about that. I decided to be a little bit more than productive today. As I am on break right now and don't have to worry about school I can finally take it on my own pace, getting everything done just like want it to. So before the breaks I had tons of homework and unfinished assignments, luckily I rushed the most important assignments so I didn't fail class. But I still got some more to work on so that's basically history and swedish. (and math... 😓)

So I'm gonna get those two subjects done as fast as possible and move on to my second thing to which is: to read whichever book I want to during the breaks. I love books and because of my recent obsessions with games and petty things I've forgotten about them which makes me sad, so I'm gonna bring up my passion again by reading Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

The book I own is translated into Swedish

So I haven't read the book yet, these are the first two pages of the book. Basically it revolves about Huck who is the son of a drunkard. He is abusive and one day he decides to run away and meets a black boy. This boy had run away from his master (this was when slavery still existed) because he was gonna be sold to a plantation (?) down in the southstates. The book follows their adventures and whatmore. I'll keep you updated on the book if you're interested. Anyway I don't have more time since I need to get working with my assignments. I hope you have a nice day. ♡

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