Friday 10th FEB 2017

10:45 PM

So a package arrived today morning from Austria. A while ago, me and my friend from Austria decided to send over candy to each other. So roughly 2 weeks ago I bought some yummy swedish candy for him and sent them, we agreed to open them together while talking to each other. Opened up the package and there was a lot of stuff in there!
Chocolate, candy, sweet, sour... everything you want. 3 kilos worth of candy, that's alot. Here is a photo I remembered to take before I ate these yummies up!

Today's song! - Doja Cat - Trauma

So recently I looked through my drawers, you know those drawers that you just push stuff into, don't think twice about and just let them sit there, unwanted? Yeah, I found a lot of stuff and one thing in particular struck me. I found my old hair dye, I had a period where I dyed my hair very often and I loved all of the crazy colors.
I havent touched my hair since dyeing it brown (my natural hair colour) and letting it grow out. I'm thinking of going for short hair, It's a pain in the ass to have long hair, I've never liked it neither do I think I fit in it. So I'm thinking of going for this. Tomorrow, if I don't do it tomorrow I never will. Overall I've had a great day, started playing LoL again. I think it's great and I've met plenty of people. Let's just hope that I won't get addicted and forget about this blog.

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