Friday 3rd FEB 2017

9:56 PM

Sooo, unfortunately I didn't post anything yesterday due to being too tired to write anything. I'm happy to say that I spent my friday better than expected, I got up for school, did everything I needed to, got home and took a 5 hour nap. It was wonderful. ♡

Found an old picture of me, at the time it was taken I found that I looked horrible on the picture. Now that I'm looking back at it I find that I look very pretty. Which is weird for me.

Tried out red lipstick! Today's song!

So, I actually think I'm kind of using my blog as my personal diary haha. I wanted to talk about toxic people.
There are two kinds of people, people that you can rely on and are generally nice people. And the toxic people, people who will manipulate you and suck all of the goodness out of you.
I've lately noticed that I've been surrounding myself with the wrong kind of people and therefore been affected by them. I don't know if you know what I mean.

But try remembering the person you were a few years ago, you may have been kind and all-loving, or you could've been on the other side. Already growing up with circumstances where you had to be mean and manipulative. I don't blame toxic people for their ''toxicness'', I mean something may have gone wrong during their childhood (childhood is usually one of the big factors that affect our life later on, believe it or not).
I didn't grow up with the best circumstances one can have, but I grew up, got raised right and treated right by my parents. Some people have not been that fortunate.

Anyway, toxicness. People who will manipulate you to get things their way, using you as an object and not being considerate of your feelings at all. There are certain degrees of toxic people, but I've gotten involved with the stereotypic toxic friend.
A person who ''wishes'' the best for me, but on the inside does everything possible to make you less of a person. I've met many of these people and all of them have affected me in a negative way. To the point where I've been incredibly toxic without even meaning for it.

But I've realized that I need to start sticking my head out for the right people, for the people that need me and appreciate me. You should do that as well.

I need to be happier for my own sake and being a person I can be proud of. Being someone's friend and having them feel my genuine feelings of friendship for them. One sided and toxic friendships don't have that, one party will always manipulate the other party. One can say that it is ones fault for getting manipulated and trapped in an unhealthy relationship, but there are many circumstances and reasons for getting there in the first place. So if you are in a toxic relationship, it may even be members of your own blood, friends or romantic partners. You need to start pulling yourself out.

I've been trying to pull myself out for a long time now, and it's going better. I'm almost there. I'm wishing the best of luck to you wonderful people out there. ♡

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  1. Oh baby girl, these hard times will pass and only good times are ahead of you. Be strong and keep fighting cause the future that awaits you are only good(inshaallh). And I hope u have someone u can share these feelings, don't keep those for yourself. Share it with the closest and most loved persons in your love. ❤❤😘😘😍😍😍💪🏾🙏🏿💎❤😘❤😘❤😘❤❤❤😘❤❤😘❤❤❤


♡ Be kind ♡