Forced positivity and unhapiness

5:48 AM

It's 05:27 as I'm sitting and writing this. Unable to sleep and exhausted as always.
This is just ramble that I wanted to publish, just to get some things off my chest. 
(Warning, long ramble)
(a few weeks ago)

Forced positivity is a topic I want to talk about. You see it everywhere... in the magazines, on the news, on youtube, on social media and even on blogs. Basically everywhere you can think of. People force themselves to appear happy and spread positivity, sure it can work for a short period of time but it's just so noticeable when you keep on doing it.

Spreading a smile on your face and forcing yourself to act happy and euphoric for a photos that you're going to publish on your blog, a new youtube video or an instagram picture. It's simply unnatural, I don't understand how people can keep up with doing what they do when all they do is force it. Everything is filled with positivity nowadays and it's just annoying, people want to see the real thing. It's okay to post an emotional video or post about how you're feeling, it's okay to be real once in a while. There are people out there that want to get to know your real self. It's simply ok. You don't have to force it for your audience, because we know and you know that it's not gonna last for long. Now I don't want you to get me wrong, if you're happy about your last trip to Spain - write about it, talk about it and share your experiences with people. But being happy all the time isn't something natural.

Something I feel that not many people talk about are their feelings, it's like we are not allowed to talk about them. I'm not talking about how you felt like when you bought a new T-shirt for a large amount of money. I'm talking about the feelings that creep up to you at night when you're alone and not in your best state. 

Why can't some people skip the small talk sometimes? ''How are you?'' ''What did you do?'' ''That sound's nice!'' 
Why can't we talk about something deeper than the ocean itself? The thoughts that keep us awake at night, the event you can't stop thinking about? The meaning of life, how that specific song makes you feel and what kind of memories it brings back to you?

Maybe it's just me, but recently I've been needing these conversations with someone. Just talking about one's inner self and not having to lie or avoid topics. Maybe it's just me, maybe there's thousands of people out there feelings just like me. But I'm hoping that I can reach out to someone soon enough. I wanted to post something personal because this blog means something to me. An outlet for emotions and expectations, feelings and actions.

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