Deep sleep

9:51 PM

Hello... zzz

Tell me I'm not the only one who absolutely loves sleep? I love the feeling when you're exhausted to the maximum and you finally get to lay down in your bed which seems like pure heaven. Just getting absorbed by the warmth, the fluffy pillows and your blanket. (plus hugging your teddy bear hihi.)

I have this bunk bed that I share with my younger brother, I've had it for a pretty long time now. I've slept in it since I was 4 years old. That's a reaaaaally long time if you think about it, it's crumbling and a lil' bit broken but it's okay because I love it. Anyway, yes! Sleep, lately I've been having dreams which I don't usually have. And they always end up being weird, last night I had a dream about where I was drugged or drunk? Very slurry and hazy dream.

I always remember them after I wake up shortly, I wake up while still experiencing the dream, think about it... why it's so fricking weird and after a few seconds I forget about it. The thing is; while I'm in the dream I kind of realize that I'm dreaming which makes it lucid dreaming. KIND OF. I do realize for a short moment that I'm inside a dream, that my body is asleep and this is my mind doing wonders, but it's always very hazy and the dream just goes on. It can sometimes be uncomfortable dreams or very enjoyable dreams. I'm thinking of getting a dream diary because I've read about it online and I have a friend who does it too. I remember sleeping over at my friends place, and when she woke up she grabbed her phone and started typing. I was just sitting there dumbfounded 😂

She later on explained that she writes down her dreams and experiences to remember them, for what? I don't know, just for the sake of it. So I'm planning on doing the same thing, hopefully if they're funny or interesting enough I can share them on here.

It's currently 21:49 as I'm typing this and I feel how my eyes are just closing down. And listening to >THIS< music just makes me even more ''chillaxed'' 😚 anyhow, I hope all of you darlings have a wonderful night, day, evening or morning. Wherever you are in the world, I love you. Stay safe and sweet dreams. ♡

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