Attachment and my morning

8:06 AM

Hello early birds, sleepy owls. Where ever you are. (:

Ahhh, I've missed writing. What has it been, like one day or so? It's currently 07:45 AM. I'm feeling all excited and happy, more like peaceful. None of those horrible anxiety thoughts... which is great.

I've been pondering and thinking about attachment, it can be to a certain item or a person. Basically something you feel emotionally attached to and my question is how do you people not get attached? I'm an independent person, don't get me wrong here. But I like people, therefore I get very attached to people after a short amount of time. Like woops, I met someone new and now I like them and I always want to be with them. Be it romantically or non romantic, I just love people.

I hate the feeling though, you know the feeling when your favorite friends starts getting friendly with someone else? I get super upset, you know the guy you like doesn't text you back every hour or so? I get upset. It's so emotionally draining, like an american roller coaster. I get very upset when I'm away from these people, but I have the best and most euphoric times when I'm with them. I don't find attachment bad, I just find it very inconvenient because of the stress it puts on me. Ugh.

Anyway I've been loving my routine lately, waking up early, meditating... (it's actually effective) and I use the app called Calm on the appstore, it has the first 7 days free but you can always listen the same track several time since it's basically the same thing. It's just a really nice way to start the day. Oh well, I'm gonna make breakfast and grab something to eat. And then run to school, I'm really excited for today, I want to get everything done and according to my horoscope this is gonna be a good day... kind of. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who reads horoscopes ⌣ ) 
Xoxo ♡

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