First post! 2017

6:33 PM

So yeah, this will be my blog for a while. I've always had them when I was younger, I loved writing and publishing photos. So I figured I'd make one again.

This time, I want it to be a personal blog. Calming and expressing myself is very calming to me since I'm an introvert. So let's start with a small introduction.

My name is Valeria, I'm a a girl who enjoys drawing, spending her time watching spooky serials and listening to old music. Well not that old... but my taste in music doesn't really fall into the trends right now.

I really love listening to the arctic monkeys right now, love their beats and just in overall everything.

I'm gonna start off slowly at first, just doing this for my own sake and using this as a way to relax. I will be uploading photos as I get more comfortable with the whole thing. 

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